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During the last 5 years Contechma BV has proved itself to be a trustful service partner for operations and process management solutions as well as product development, program and project management.

Thanks to our wide field of expertise we can offer value to your organization.

Our Goal

Based on customer needs, we offer professional support tuned to your business processes and strategies to ensure your and our business continuation.

This is managed by means of a customer directed approach, to optimize management processes and effective program and project management. Taking responsibility for the actual execution and implementation of programs and project is obvious.

Contechma is your preferred partner for organizational improvement queries, as well as development and implementation of value adding business and process improvements based on customer needs. We offer business improvement opportunities, proposals, new approaches, and have acces to a wide knowledge network.

Your specialist and partner for all your management and project questions and solutions.

We are also available for interim based projects

Company profile

Contechma B.V. is a consultancy firm offering organization expertise, program and project management, and offers solutions for all your strategic business questions.

We have substantial experiences and expertise in, advisory and implementation of operations and process management processes, and help organizations to find the right direction for further growth and satisfied customers.

Contechma B. V. has substantial and specialist knowledge especially into the field of lean implementations for profit as well as non-profit organizations. Business process visualizations by means of modeling will always be the base for valuable design and improvement for all change processes, process automation as well as the implementation of lean process designs and implementation.

For all your production automation processes CONTECHMA B.V. can act as a professional link between shop floor (MES) and ERP systems.

Specific knowledge based on many years of experience is present for the textile industry, especially in the field of yarn processing, yarn preparation and product development for weft and knitting processes.

Borderless knowledge of Program and Project management is a specialty gained during many executed projects in various continents and cultures.

Various projects if necessary will be executed in cooperation with our specialized partners. Due to our lean organizational set-up we can offer competitive prices

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