Product Development

Based on a 20 years’ experience gained at DuPont de Nemours and Invista, we established a solid knowledge base, and offer services in many fields of (textiles) technology.

Product development

Most important advantages

  1. A pragmatic approach offering realistic, innovative and value creating results based on blue ocean principles.
  2. Your specific needs will be transformed into results.
  3. Effective team approaches will learn how to implement future change without or with limited interferences of external consultants.


Based on a 20 years’ experience gained at DuPont de Nemours and later Invista, we have acquired solid knowledge regarding yarns, yarn preparation processes for weaving, knitting and warp-knitting as well as product development.

Proper market knowledge is available, and many projects are executed all over the world.

Specific knowledge is available in the field of elastomeric yarns, technical as well as physical behavior of elastomeric yarns (Lycra®, Dorlastan®, Creora®, Roica® etc.), nylon and polyester as well as technical yarns such as Dyneema®, Kevlar® etc. and their industrial processes. (Beaming, several knitting technologies -flat-circular, weft and warp knit- weaving, twist, intermingling, cabling and finishing technologies.

Since broad knowledge is available, we are your dedicated partner for strategic market development and implementation of new products and or processes into your organization.


  1. DuPont de Nemours maintenance management systems
  2. Product development technical Textiles in cooperation with Penn Textile Solutions. 



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