Project Management

Broad knowledge of Prince 2 and other project management  tools will help to define the right projects definition as well as implementation to achieve competitive advantages. Proper program and process management will assure projects to be implemented in time and within budget.

Project Management

Most important advantages

  1. A pragmatic approach offering realistic, innovative and value creating results.
  2. Your specific needs become transformed into results.
  3. Effective team approaches will learn how to implement future change without or with limited interferences of external consultants.


Project management is the activity of defining, planning and controlling projects. A project is a set of activities with a defined start point and defined end state, which pursues a defined goal and uses a defined set of resources. It is a very broad activity that almost all managers will become involved in at any point of time or other. Some projects are large-scale and complex, but most projects, such as implementation of process improvement, will be far smaller. However, all projects are managed by using a similar set of principles.

Projects must become tailored within these principles to gain the highest project results with a minimum of resources.

We are an active member of the IPMA, the International Project Management Association, and can rely on a broad knowledge network.


  1. Market research place of business Creora® yarns spun plant. Creora® is a Hyosung corporation
  2. Design and implementation of ISO 9002-2000 Quality management systems.
  3. Costs analyses Creora® elastic yarn production plant Italy.
  4. UNION Varedo, process improvement elastomeric beaming operation


Creora® is a Hyosung corporation trademark.

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